Very large Storyline screens, like in the broken coworker...

Jul 21, 2012

Hey folks --

when one looks at the fancy demo, "broken coworker," available on ...

that course uses visual screens that are quite large... in fact, they extend downward below the fold and the user has to scroll down to see it all!

How does one get a customized, large screen or "palette" like that?



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Ryan Martin

Thanks guys for clarifying this with Eric! I'm not on this forum enough (came across this one by Google'n "broken co-worker") ...

Read the question, and was like, "But it scrolls... with hot javascript action!"

Nice to see this was clarified

Also Eric, I'm trying out a new 988 X 741 layout for Broken Co-worker - this is for (a better experience on) the iPad, and will "scale player to fill browser window" - so far I'm very happy with the results:

A month or so ago, I was struggling to find a happy player size for this experiment, you can see the conversation here (if your interested):

Will be launching Broken Co-worker Redux probably after I update my website (good times).

Cheers! And keep experimenting!


Sij X

Hi Ryan

I tried using the code - exactly how you're using it in the image above - but it won't work for me :(

All I'm trying to do is to get the output to 'scroll' from A to C rather than 'jump'. I've attached a story slide and would be indebted (A Lannister always pays his debts ;)) if you could show me how to use that wonderful code from Ariel..!

Thank you!!

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