Very poor response on iPad in HTML5 from a Storyline 360 project

May 10, 2017

I am using Storyline 360 and am developing a menu system for a project.

In HTML5 output only it works fine in browsers on PCs.

However, it is truly unresponsive on a small iPad and only slightly better on a large screen iPad.

I assumed it was a problem with our LMS Moodle as there are reported issues on Moodle with the responsive player. However having uploaded to SCORM cloud exactly same problems occur with the plus icon and close button being inconsistent and working irregularly.

I attach the project.

Any ideas why it works so poorly on iPads?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chris! Thanks so much for including your file.

I think the plus sign icons are small and irregular, and tapping on them in just the right place might be challenging on smaller screens.

To solve that, I covered them with rectangular hotspots to get a little more surface area. I changed the triggers associated with the plus signs to "when user clicks on hotspot" for each one.

I did the first three plus signs in your course, and you can test it out here.  If you decide to go that route, just keep your plus signs and your hotspots organized while changing over the triggers.  😀

Let me know if that seems to be a better experience on the iPad!

Crystal Horn

Sure!  And just a heads up, viewing on an Android tablet is supported with either HTML5 output on Google Chrome or the Articulate Mobile Player.

Also, looks like you might have more than one Articulate ID.  Totally cool with us; just wanted to point it out in case you didn't mean to be logged in under one or the other!

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