Video and screencast editing in Storyline 2 causes it to crash

Dec 16, 2014

My first project in Storyline 2 was to break down and edit a one hour recorded webcast. I was going to add additional content like arrows and highlight boxes but it crashed so many times that I gave up and just settled with breaking it down into 3 sections. Today I started a new project and recorded a four minute screencast. Again, Storyline 2 crashed when trying to edit/trim the screencast. Coincidentally I received a new work laptop, Lenovo X1Carbon Thinkpad,  at the same time that I received my Storyline 2.  How do I determine if this is a Storyline 2 issue or a new laptop issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Herminia,

I'm sorry to hear about the crashing you've run into. What you'll want to look into first is:

Please keep us posted after you check into those items. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda,

This forum discussion is a bit older, but I'd still advise going through some of the same steps I shared with Herminia. If you're still having difficulty after going through those, can you contact our Support Engineers? They'll be able to work with you to pull some more information such as your system logs and figure out what is causing that crash! 

Linda Jordan

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response. I am currently experiencing this issue. I have gone through all of the steps - Set UAC to never, uninstalled Storyline, rant the batch file, enabled all of the .NET settings. I tried changing my default browser to Chrome and reinstalling Flash. I changed my default to Edge. It still freezes when I click the Edit Video button. I can export the video and easily edit it in Replay, but trying to initiate it within Storyline freezes everything. I'm not able to end the task. I have to completely shut down my computer.

I'm on a Window 10 PC. Lots and lots of RAM and Room, etc.

I'll submit this.

Thanks again,


Linda Jordan, ITS
CSD Training and Development Support

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Linda - let me know once you submit it so that I can follow along in the Support case as well!  Just wanted to also give you a heads up that responding via email includes your signature here in ELH. You are welcome to visit the forum discussion and click on the "edit" below your post to remove that information. No worries on our part - just in case you don't want your information publicly! 

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