Video Controls vs Seekbar: VERY different!

Nov 07, 2013

When I put a video into a slide and add pictures to appear at different times for different lengths of time during the video, I've noticed that the Seekbar will correctly control the video; however the Video Controls do not correctly control the Seekbar?

For example, I have a picture appear around the middle of the video on one slide. If I click on the middle of the Seekbar, the video correctly advances to the middle of its playback and I see the picture that I have displayed at that time.

If, however, I click on the middle of the Video Controls, I do NOT see the picture I have to appear in the middle of the video, AND the Seekbar progress does not move at all - as if I'm still at the front of the video!

I believe I understand why Articulate operates this way but I just wanted to make sure, by posting here, that I'm seeing things correctly as designed into the software? Can anyone confirm what I've described here?


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Joel Hoffman


Thanks for the confirmation and suggestion! For now, I'm leaving the video controls off and only having the Seekbar appear. The Seekbar controls the video perfectly, IF you have only one video on the slide and IF that one video spans the entire length of the slide - which is exactly what I have. I like your idea of embedding my pics into the video outside of Articulate, though! Great suggestion! Thanks!

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