Video display Issue - Gray background

Nov 09, 2023

Hello Team,

I trust this message finds you well.

I'm currently facing an issue with my client as they're experiencing a gray background in my video when it should be white.

During testing on various computers in their office, some display a gray contour, while others consistently show the same gray background.

I'm seeking your expertise to identify the source of this problem, especially considering that I don't observe any gray background or shadows while testing on Review'LMS.

My client is encountering the same issue both on Review and on the LMS.

Your assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I can share some screenshots privately for further analysis.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,



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Steven Benassi

Hi Equipe Production!

It sounds like some of your learners are experiencing an off-color background for the videos in your course. I'd be happy to assist and had some follow-up questions to help us start:

  • Was this course created in Storyline or Rise?
  • You mentioned testing was conducted on various computers, but can the same behavior be observed on different web browsers as well?
  • Does this issue occur across multiple courses or is it local to one specific file?

If you would be willing to share a copy of the project file or the published output, I'd be happy to take a closer look and share my findings! Feel free to upload it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

We'll delete it from our system as soon as troubleshooting is finished!

Équipe Production

Hi Steven,

The course was developed using Storyline.

My client utilizes Chrome and is experiencing these issues. They have tested the courses on Edge and IE browsers, and unfortunately, the same issues persist across all three platforms.

These problems are consistent across two projects that I recently delivered to them.

You will find the output product on the link you provided.

If you require additional information or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your help.



Steven Benassi

Hi Umayr!

Thanks for following up and sharing the feedback!

Great move on opening a support case. I see that my teammate Lianne is handling your issue and replied to your e-mail with some follow-up questions.

We can continue troubleshooting through your case to help keep all information in one spot.