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Sep 25, 2017

I am developing training for a customer that includes some video. I have tested the module on two computers each running the same version of Chrome. On one computer, the seekbar gives the learner the option to download the video. On the other computer, the seekbar does not give the download option. I do not want the download option on any video included in the training. Does anyone know how to fix this? I attached the images of both players for reference. 

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Brynne Hunter

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you your reply. We are publishing the content to a MP4 video file. We are hosting this on AWS.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Brynne! Any MP4 file hosted on AWS will display a video download option. If you want more control over that, you may consider hosting it elsewhere like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. 

You also may be able to edit the CSS or the HTML of the page to control the display of that button. That's not something I have experience with, so I'll leave it to the community to point you in the right direction there!

Karen Siugzda

I'm using SL3. I was using a video web object to load an .mp4 video from YouTube but after loading it into the LMS, the video did not show up or play.

Client put the video on their LMS server and I'm using a web object to link to that .mp4 video file now. 

When I view that video slide in Chrome, the video displays fine, but I get the 3-dots icon that allows users to download the video. Need to disable or hide that some how?!

When I view the slide in Internet Explorer, I get a small browser message along the bottom of the screen that asks if I want to open or save the video. When I select Open, the video pops open in a new window. I need to get rid of those download/play options and JUST have it play on the slide.

When viewing in Firefox, it performs as expected. Video plays properly when I reach that particular slide.

Any suggestions for the Chrome and IE issues?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Are you adding the Youtube video using the steps here? That provides access to the Youtube player where the download option may still be available. 

If you want to remove that option and allow the learner to watch ti video directly inside the course have you looked at downloading and inserting the video file directly? That'll add more overall weight to the course but may provide for a better experience. 

Karen Siugzda

Hi Ashley

I had it working properly when I was displaying the video as a YouTube web object; however, once the client uploaded the SL files to their LMS, the YouTube video stopped working -- it would not display on the screen.

So the client uploaded the video asset to their LMS media library and sent me the link. I used their LMS video link to insert the new web object. It's no longer a YouTube video so I don't have control of those same parameters. Or do I??

The video is 41MB, so I'm reluctant to directly embed it into the course. Will embedding a 40MB video file slow down the entire module?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen!

I wonder if the YouTube video would play in your client's LMS if you switched the URL from HTTP to HTTPS. My hunch is that the video disappeared because their LMS only supports secure HTTPS content.

If you're leaning towards uploading the video file directly into Storyline, I would suggest trimming it into shorter 5-10 minute clips, and add one clip per slide. That way, the shorter files will be easier to manage, and learners won't have to restart the video from the beginning if they leave the course partway through.

Karen Siugzda

Thanks for the suggestion, Alyssa.

The URL was already set to HTTPS when it wasn't working.

Client has uploaded the video file to their LMS media library and we're loading it in from there. It's playing as expected in Chrome and FF. However, IE shows this pop up bar asking to Open or Save...

Once user selects "open," the video plays in a separate pop up window. Not ideal but client is ok with it.

They're deciding to move ahead as is.

For my future reference, is there a way I can alleviate the IE pop up bar for .mp4 videos in a course?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Karen.  Thanks for confirming that you're testing in the live environment!

When you have media that is accessible as a standalone link (ending in .mp4), the learner will be able to download it from the web (whether prompted or not).  Since you're bringing that web output into Storyline using the web object feature, the same option will be available to anyone viewing that course. 

Video hosting services allow you to control that behavior better (as you know), but you were having trouble with the YouTube content.  Can you view other YouTube videos in other courses in your LMS?  We're still happy to explore the YouTube issue to help you plan for your future video content in upcoming courses.

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