Video duration doesn't match seekbar length in preview mode

Dec 19, 2019

Hi, I'm experiencing an issue when I try to insert my 72 second video into my project. The timeline in my project matches the video length of 72 seconds, but when I preview it, the seekbar is still about halfway there after the video is finished. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue after the most recent update.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Megan,

Sorry to hear you're coming across this issue! I was unable to replicate it on my end, but I have a few questions to dig deeper!

  • Are you on the latest version of Storyline? We recently had a fix and are on version 3.35.21017.0.
  • Are you inserting the video directly into Storyline, or from a website?

Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? You can share it publicly here, or privately with me here. I'll delete it when we nail down what's going on!

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