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Aug 18, 2019

Hi there,

Is there a way to cut a piece out of a video you recorded through Storyline? I've recorded a video from the Record Screen menu and I want to insert it as a single slide video to demo the steps i'm going to make the learner repeat in the simulation. Unfortunately the software i recorded raised an error message during the recording. I'd like to cut that out.

Right now i'm testing if the Storyline recorder is sufficient for our needs or if we need to get Camtasia and import videos for the demo portion. I'd rather not have to but if I can't edit out a piece of video recording, that is what we'll have to do.

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Jerry Beaucaire

IN SL360, when I right-click a video that is sitting on a slide, I see an option to EDIT VIDEO.  Unfortunately in there you can only trim off the start and end, not in the middle.

So I would suggest you

  1. copy the video
  2. In copy1, trim off the end so the video stops where you want edit to start.
  3. In copy2, trim off the start so the video starts AFTER the part you are cutting out.
  4. Now use these two videos together, play copy2 when copy1 ends.


Having said that, I use Camtasia weekly to make quick edits to recorded videos because the transitions and tools are too good to not have.


Having said THAT, I actually use SnagIt (also from TechSmith) for my screen recordings, it is by far the simplest tool I've ever used for capturing screen footage and making quick snips and cuts and whittle it down to what I need, then export that as an MP4 or GIF for use in SL.   

SnagIt is one of the buy once and have forever tools, unless you want new features, you don't have to keep paying each year.

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