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Mar 08, 2022

Hi all,

I've got a storyline file that has a fairly long video slide. There's also a short video slide with a related short subject that the users can view. What I'd like to be able to do is to have a button that lets the users go to the short video, at any point in the main video, and return to the main video at the point where they left it. Is that possible, or will I just have to add a pause in the main video, give them the option to view the related material then resume the video when they come back. Maybe dividing the main slide into two?

Any advice appreciated. :-) 


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Joe Hauglie

Paul: I'd suggest you spend a few minutes reviewing this summary from Montse Anderson. In that discussion she offered an idea that was fleshed out nicely - creating points in the video that the learner can access; when the learner clicks the access point (say, a graphic of a question mark or something similarly neutral) the video stops and you are presented with a lightbox or a different layer. In your case, you could use the lightbox approach, or send the learner to a different slide; when the lightbox closes or the different slide timeline ends, you return to the original slide. For the lightbox, it stops and restarts the base slide at the same point in the timeline; for the different slide, you would probably have to add a trigger to restart at the same point, but I think it would work.

Good luck -