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Sep 30, 2013

I have a course that has 45 'main' pages, and 5 extra pages that can only be viewed via hyperlinks (they are lightboxed slides showing video clips)

I want users to complete the course by viewing each of the 45 main pages. But if I set the SCORM tracking to be 45/50 slides, they will be able to complete if they view 40 pages, plus the 5 video pages.

Is there a way to flag slides as 'not contributing towards completion'? so that even if they are clicked on, they won't count towards the total viewed?


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Kim Alison

Hi there,

Could you please let me know what it tracked and what isn't?

I seem to remember that in the Studio Version hidden slides weren't tracked. I'm now using Storyline. Are slides that are not part of the menu not tracked?

Or are all slides tracked? If I've put my "help" slide in a second scene and it is not part of the menu will that be tracked?

Would a guideline be that all slides including light boxed slides, independent of the scene, are tracked and that only layers aren't tracked?

Would be great if you could help.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim,

All slides are available to be tracked including lightbox slides, slides in another scene, etc. Layers are a part of a slide, and are therefore not tracked as a separate element. When you set up tracking by slides, you'll see a drop down list of available numbers to track by, and that should represent all the slides within you project (so if you have a total of 47 slides, you can track by no more than 47 slides). If there are going to be slides the user doesn't have to view, such as a help screen or lightbox, I would recommend adjusting the tracking number to not include those. It's also worth noting that if you add a question bank it will count as one slide when setting up tracking within your publish settings. 

Hope that helps clarify., 

Mauro Gaiotto
Ashley Terwilliger
It's also worth noting that if you add a question bank it will count as one slide when setting up tracking within your publish settings. 

Hope that helps clarify., 


Hello Ashley
I'm using Storyline 2 and I've found that slides within the question bank are counted!
Is this a known issue?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mauro,

Within Storyline 2 and 1, the slides are counted, but when you set the tracking requirement you're not able to include all the slides as a part of the option. So if a course has 5 slides, 3 of which are in a question bank, you'll only be able to set the tracking to at most, 3 out of 3 slides (2 regular slides and 1 question bank slide).  I don't have an update from our QA team, but we have shared the behavior with them to investigate and clarify if this is by design, since a question bank is one slide.  I'll share an update here once there is additional information. 

Cindy Pandke`

Not sure if there is another thread on this but does anyone have a work around for using question banks and number of pages viewed?  I just did a test and have 18 question banks (4 questions in each bank - 2 questions used from each bank - random)  so that means each 'bank'  count as 1 page in the total pages to view.  When the file is published each question from the question bank that is displayed is counted as 1 page - so if 1 question bank displays 2 questions that tracks as 2 pages viewed (but only counted as 1 page in the total pages available to view).  Throws off tracking if using 'number of pages viewed' as the learner exceeds the number of pages viewed before they complete the module.  Has anyone found a workaround? 

I tried to use the quiz results as tracking but there are too many questions to track the data for our LMS (saba).  If a leaner leaves the module and returns it doesn't remember the right location (too much data being sent).

Let me know if more information in needed (we are using Storyline 2).

Crystal Horn

Hi Cindy-  I hear what you're saying.  If you choose to insert multiple draws from a question blank on a single slide, it will show as a single slide in Story view despite being multiple questions.  It will thus only count as one slide in the tracking options when you go to publish.  But your LMS will read each of those questions as a distinct slide and get out of whack with what you selected for tracking.

For now, the first workaround that comes to mind is to insert a distinct slide for each question draw = one slide, and that way everything should be even between authoring, publishing and reporting to the LMS.  If we get an update from our QA team, we'll be sure to post it here in this discussion!

Cindy Pandke`

Storyline 2 file - total course has 21 slides - 2 intro slides that are basic text - 18 question banks (4 pick one questions in each bank - 2 random questions used from each bank) - total 36 questions presented to learner - 1 results slide - must obtain 80% to pass - learner gets 1 attempt at each question then correct/incorrect feedback is presented.  2 attempts to pass quiz  then  a layer displays (result slide) that directs learner to review course material before attempting quiz again.  Very basic course.   We use LMS Saba 7.2   Here's the issues -

1.  Publish for SCORM 1.2 - file exceeds data limit at 28 questions - so if learner exits after 28 questions the resume feature doesn't work and always returns to question 28.  If you failed the course it does stay in the LMS Current Learning (good) - but when you launch it to attempt quiz again since the resume feature returns you to question 28 you have to finish the quiz to the end before you can retry quiz (not good)

2.  Publish for SCORM 2004 3rd edition - extra pop-up when exiting course & course never marks successful in Saba 7.2  (not good).

So I think options are

#1 divide course in to 2 modules that can handle data limit - not a good learner experience for such a small course

#2 - do not use the resume feature and have learner complete the quiz all in one go - if they log out before finishing they have to complete the quiz again - not a good learner experience

There has to be other options, does anyone have any ideas?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cindy!

For your 2nd issue listed - what are the settings there? 

When publishing Articulate Storyline content to a learning management system (LMS), you have four reporting options from which to choose:

  • Passed/Incomplete
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed

Many LMSs track both a completion status and a success status. To report both statuses, choose either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed when publishing Storyline content. Completed/Incomplete and Completed/Failed report only the completion status.


Cindy Pandke`

Hi Leslie, thanks for the details.  We have published them as Passed/Incomplete as that is what we have found Saba 7.2 works the best with.  The Passed/Incomplete will keep the module as Not Evaluated and it stays in their current learning until they get a passed status.

We have decided to divide the course into Part 1 and Part 2 (two modules) and Saba can handle the amount of data in both modules.  Not the best solution for the learners but it's working.

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