Storyline 2 - Multiple Exit points, best practice to mark complete

Sep 08, 2015

Hello all,

I'm curious how others are handling this situation.

I have a course that has an introduction (10 slides), then a decision point based on their department (one of 3 ways).

Path A has 5 slides.

Path B has 9 slides

Path C had 10 slides and a 4 question quiz.

The final page on each of the paths is a mark complete page (which is hidden on the menu) with a button to Mark Complete (triggered to exit the course). (3 separate pages b/c of different verbiage & images). 

In the tracking section on publish - I have it set to mark complete based on the number of slides viewed (set to 15 - the least number of slides).

This is fine for Path A.  But Path B & C can exit out at some point and still get the course marked completed if they have passed their 15th viewed slide.

What is the best way to handle this so matter which path they go down they have to get to the mark complete page in order to actually get the complete?



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Rob Verzera

Thanks Matt,

I'll give that a try.

But for this course, the client is requesting no custom JS.  So I have to use the tools given.

I did see the screen about using a Select One quiz question w/ a results slide and track based on that :

But for some reason, I cannot get this to work.  I'm publishing this as AICC and testing is in SCORM Cloud but no matter when I exit the course, I get the status as Complete and Success as failed.  Even if I make it to the end, get the same status each time.

I have attached the story file.  Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong?



Rob Verzera

Hi Ashley,

Yes - ive published and tested many courses using AICC - this is the first to act this way.

What you mention is exactly what im trying to do - report based on visiting a slide vs slide count.

I followed the screener (I assume this is what you are talking about by visiting a single slide??) and am running into issues.


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