Course being marked complete - when its not - tracked by viewed slides

Oct 20, 2015

Can anyone else tell me if they have run into this situation.

I have a course, published for AICC.

It has a graded quiz, but the complete tracking is based on number of slides viewed NOT the quiz.

And its set to Complete/Incomplete

I have found that in that specific scenario - I can exit the course after any slide and it gets marked Complete and failed, instead of the expected Incomplete.

If I remove the quiz - it behaves as expected - If I exit early it gets marked as incomplete.

I set the tracking based on the quiz, it behaves as expected.

But it seems that if there is a quiz that has a results page, you can exit the course at anytime and get the complete/failed.

(I'm testing in SCORM Cloud)

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I have submitted it as a bug, but has not heard anything else but we are investigating it.

I have attached 2 files as examples.

The first just has 3 slides and the complete is based on viewing those 3 slides.

If you view them all - it marks complete.

If you only view 1 or 2 then exit - it marks as incomplete.

The 2nd example is the same 3 slides but w/ a quiz.  Tracking is still set to slides viewed (3) .  However, if you exit at ANYTIME in the course - it will mark it as complete/failed

Can anyone else confirm this?


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