Video inserted with wrong dimensions

Feb 04, 2013


I have this weird problem. I try to insert a 640x360 pixels video file into a slide. It is inserted as a 640x20 pixel video. When I resize the video, in preview mode it shows as it should. But when I publish (video quality highest setting), the quality of the video becomes very bad. I've aded some screenshots to show what I mean.

The video is a mp4 file (details shown below). Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

1. video editor of the video. On the right-bottom you see the source dimensions: 640x360

2. The size and position window. The original size show a height of 20px. Not correct!

3. And the video as inserted in the slide..

4. And a screenshot of the result after publish..

5. And the details on the video file

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Niels!

That is pretty strange. Out of curiosity are you able to change the settings in the size and position options, or do they just revert back to the 20pts? 

Also, I think (from what I can read in the screenshot) that the video file is local. Is the project file on your local hard drive as well? If not, try moving the file to your hard drive and see if you can tell a difference. 

If you still see this, you may want to make sure you're running the correct DPI on the machine. Take a look at this article for more information. 

If you're already running the correct DPI and you've confirmed the files are all local, I can try to take a look at the file. How large is the project? Are you able to share either the project's .STORY file here, or the MP4 file? Keep in mind though, if they are too large, they may not post. You're also welcome to send it to us privately, if the file is large or if you want to keep the information in the course private.



Niels van Drimmelen

Hi Christine,

I completely agree it's pretty strange. To answer your questions:

  • Yes, all files are local
  • Yes, I'm able to change the size. But when I publish, the video is of bad quality (like the screenshot I attached in my previous post).

The weird thing is it does happen only with some video files. Not all. Some of them are okay. But all the files are encoded with the same settings (using Final Cut Pro).

I will send you the relevant files.



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