Video is not auto play on ipad when first visiting the slide


I have embeded a mp4 video in a slide. it works fine on desktop. 

However, when view on ipad, the video did not auto play when first visit this slide unless tap on the video. I have set the video play automatically. 

Any ideal? 

Note, I have just updated the Atoryline. It works fine before update. 



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Yu0909 Chang

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks and Yes, I have update Storyline to latest version and use iOS7.

I have change slide properties's advances to By User. And it looks like the initial load and auto play the video works much better then select advances Automatically. Just sometimes it deosn't work and then need to republish.

I also inconter another issue, when doing review quiz, I also went back to other previous slides which embed audios, and the audio seems not play.

It works between slides, only when I completed the lesson and clicked the review quiz button, then go back to review all slides then it happend.

Any ideals?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Yu,

If the audio is playing within the published course intermittently, I'd want to know more about how you were testing it (browsers, wireless speed, etc.) to help narrow down the issue. I'd also be happy to test it on my iPad if you'd like to share a link with me to the course. 

By default, question slides will resume where they left off when they're revisited. Therefore, if you submit an answer before the slide has completed, audio or video on the slide will resume playing when you review it - or in your case the opposite, if you review a slide and had already listened to the audio it would not play again. The method described here is to stop the audio from playing on a revisit if it hadn't finished, but you may want to use a similar model to restart the audio if you're revisiting the slide.