Video is pausing on the published version/Review 360 every time an object appears on top.

Feb 24, 2024

Hi all, I'm getting some behavior that I'm pretty sure didn't happen before. Maybe I've just never done anything this way, but I can swear I have. I'm creating a test for a file where the background is a video and objects/text appears on top. However, whenever a new object appears on top, the video below pauses. I tried putting the video in the master slide, putting it into the same layer, and putting the objects in a higher layer and it doesn't matter - as soon as *anything* appears above the video (I tried text, shapes, and hotspots), the video pauses. 

In preview, it works perfectly, but not when published. I can swear this wasn't the case before. I'm guessing its a browser thing? 

Tried it in the most updated Chrome/Edge, same behavior. 

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Eric Santos

Hello Aaron,

I'm sorry you've hit this snag with the video. What you see in preview should be the same as the published output. I appreciate the troubleshooting you've already done! If you're already working on your local drive, try running these steps to fix possible installation issues, then republish the course.

We'd be glad to investigate further if the problem persists. You may share your Storyline project here or privately in a support case, where our Support Engineers will work with you one-on-one. We'll delete it when we're done testing.