Video not playing automatically on slide 1

Aug 30, 2021


I have a Storyline 360 course that starts out with a 5 second Video on slide 1. I have it set to play immediately when the timeline starts, and I have a hotspot on it, so there is no way to pause it. and when it finishes, to show a "Let's get started" button. On the video options themselves, I also have play immediately, and no player controls.

The issue is, when I publish for review, we see the video screen with a play button.  What we would like to have happen is the video to just start playing, versus having to hit the play button.  

In other slides in the training, I have videos set to play when the timeline starts, and they do so, without any user intervention.  It's just this first slide, that it doesn't simply play and needs user intervention. Is there a workaround to get this to play immediately, since IRL, the user will have "launched the course" from an LMS, and then have to hit a play button on top.

Thank you.

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Joseph Francis

"Due to the new autoplay policies in some browsers, audio and video on the first slide of a course might not work. To fix this problem, we added a play button to Storyline and Studio courses that have audio or video introductions. By clicking the play button, learners give their browsers permission to play the media...Audio and video content on other slides in your course should play as expected. However, if your slides are set to advance automatically without any interaction, media might not work since learners haven't given their browsers permission to play it."

Storyline and Studio: Media Doesn't Autoplay When Slides Advance Automatically