Video Playback Issues

Aug 25, 2014

Hope someone can offer some insight. Have a client that's having issues with erratic video behavior when playing the file from a web server and local playback. They have the same issue using Chrome and Firefox. During playback, they can hear the audio of the video but the visual part appears to be buffering. Then, the visual part will eventually play but is out of sync with the audio. At some point, it catches up and is fine. All videos are MP4s, but are quite large in size.

Has anyone else ever experienced this? I don't understand how the audio and visual portions of the video can get out of sync like that. The weird thing is that 2 testers on our side have played these videos without issue (both on a server and locally). Only difference is our machines have much higher memory than the client's machine.

Any thoughts?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jamie!

Do the users having the issues have an updated Flash Player? You may want to have them install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. (Note: Storyline requires Flash Player 10 or later.)

If FLV or MP4 videos still won't play after uploading your published content to a server, it's likely that you need to add these MIME types to the server. Here's how:

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