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Hi Heroes!

We have a problem with inserting MP4 videos into SL. We record screen in Camtasia Studio with resolution 1278x718. Then we produce the project in Camtasia to MP4 with exactly the same resolution. The result is perfect - almost no quality loss, no blurring. Then we insert the video into SL. Story size in SL is 1048x560. SL probable somehow scales the video resulting quality loss. Is there a way we can insert this video without losing quality? Unfortunately - we cant record screen with 1048x560 (commands in the ribbon are then grouped and therefore some icons are invisible).

Any suggestions dear Heroes?

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Hi Christie,

We've already checked that before posting... The only solution we found so far is inserting video with resolution that is smaller than story size. If we exceed story size - there's quality loss. What we do right now (maybe someone will find it helpful in the future) - we record screen in high resolution, then we use Handbrake software for changing resolution (minimum quality loss) and then insert changed video into SL. This way we get the same quality as produced in Handbrake.