Video quality on published storyline file

Hi all

Looking for some help on video quality on published storyline 3 files. 

I've got animated videos in a course, built in after effects and are 1080p 30 frames per seconds. In preview they don't loose any quality, but when I publish and view the course using the story.html file, the quality is reduced and it's not as crisp. 

Publish settings are HTML with flash fallback, put all the settings up for video, audio quality to the highest possible, and tried multiple browers (chrome, edge,explorer) 

Does anyone know what this could be, or does storyline just kill video quality when it publishes it?



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Brian Allen
Brian Allen

Phil, my experience would say that it's probably the compression settings you're using out of After Effects when rendering.

There are a lot of .mp4 formats, but the first article I linked to said you can only turn compression off for MP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles.

Those profiles are all associated with the H.264 codec.

You might try republishing from adobe, make sure you've got H.264 selected. I don't believe you should have to worry about profile, as it seems most of the time "main" is default.