video - several small or one large file?

Feb 09, 2021

I need to create a plant wide presentation.  It will involve 7 different managers recording themselves, as they present on their department updates.  I can either take each small video and embed an MS Stream link into a Storyline 360 file, so they each play separately,  OR I can embed on large video so it just plays beginning to end.   My question is - with over a 1000 employees at the plant, what if 100 people try to access the streaming video at the same time?  Would several smaller video chunks work better than 1 large video?   My thought is - if there are several smaller chunks, the chance that 100's of people will be on the exact same video chunk at the same time is reduced.   Which is better, or does it even matter?? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Janet,

I'd say your thoughts are on the right track. It's easier to stream several smaller videos.

Using separate videos also allows for more options. For example, you could let users choose their own order for watching the videos. Having separate videos also makes it easier for them to review a given video (if desired).