Creating Quiz/Test files - Best Practices

I am about to begin a series of smaller quizzes that will draw from a pool of 1000's of questions. Many of the smaller quizzes will use the same questions. I am looking for advice on the best way to set this up. Is it better to create a "master" quiz with all the questions in it and then draw from that to create smaller quizzes (between 30 and 90 questions in each). Or is it better to create question sets of, say 100 questions, and then pull from them for the smaller quizzes? Can Storyline 2 handle large sets of questions? Will they bog down on preview? Is there a better way to set this up that I am not thinking of? Any advice/info. on set-up is greatly appreciated.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lisa,

If you are looking to have the questions appear several times in a course, you can set them all up in a question bank, then when you need to show a quiz in your course, use the "draw from bank" option when inserting a quiz slide. You can choose how many it will pull from and even select specific questions for that slide.


Lisa Phillips

Hi Emily,

I have made a question master, but the styles aren't applying - the font comes in larger than i have it set on the master ( have it set to 20 point but it appears as 57.7 or something strange). Secondly, I am importing 500 questions, so the duplicating the slide idea won't work. I need to set up the fill in the blank format prior to the import or else they all come in wrong. Am i missing something?

Lisa Phillips

Yes, I can duplicate the slide, but what's the point of importing the questions if I have to go back and remake each slide so I can have the correct formatting. Sounds to me like I am better off just creating a question slide and duplicating it and building it that way, rather than importing. I thought it would save me some time but turns out it won't if i have to format everything anyway. Not a useful feature.