video size limitation in Storyline


We're developing a course for both PC and iPad. There are 3 videos. One is as big as 27 megabytes, 22 minutes, the image size is 278px*472px.  We tested it in Scorm Cloud at our end, the video loads fine. But at the client's eLMS, this is what happens: 

"On an iPad, when click PREV and then go back to this slide again, it takes a long time for the video window to display. Click the start button on the window, the window disappear, the narrator start to talk with no video. "


Please advise if this is a problem relating to video size. If yes, what is the cap in megabytes  for a video? 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jennifer!

You may want to look at the information here about content running slowly  on iPads.

If you are using Storyline 1, the videos are automatically compressed to get the the highest possible quality at the lowest possible file size.  You can Adjust the video compression. See here on how to do this.