Video taking too much time to load in chrome from LMS

Dec 13, 2016

I am facing an issue with mp4 video in my course, video is taking lot of time in loading in Chrome, when I am running the course from LMS but it is working fine on IE and Firefox. Does not have any error in the browser debugger.

Video is heavy in size 70 MB but works fine on all other browsers. I tested specifically on Win7 - Chrome, IE11, Firefox.

Is there any issue with Chrome + Storyline 2 combination? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Brian Allen
Dushyant kumar

Is there any issue with Chrome + Storyline 2 combination?

My guess is that the issue you're seeing is chrome + video, rather than chrome + storyline. All of our testing storyline courses in our LMS show that chrome is probably the best, most compatible browser with storyline content.

If you haven't already you may try some additional testing, trying to launch video from your LMS in chrome using different methods and see if you can isolate the issue to video.

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