Video tracking

Hi ? 

I have 7 video contents which should be viewed till the end for all learners. I have made Menu slide which has 7 videos name on it. I want to make sure all videos are watched (learners does not have to watch orderly) and to have "Complete/incomplete" tracking option. How should I do this ? Variables are helpful in it? I have already watched several related webinars which did not help. 

Would you suggest easy way to do  it?

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Uyanga! ⭐️

How are you inserting the videos? From a file? As a web object? 

Matthew Bibby shared an idea that will force the learner to watch a video one time before moving to another slide by using variables.

Here's another idea using variables when inserting a video from a file that a few community members have found useful. 

Hopefully others in the community can chime in with their suggestions!