video will not play

Jan 07, 2022

I have several videos in a lesson that I am planning to upload as a SCORM in Moodle.  All of the videos are .mp4 videos created in Camtasia. All of the videos play as triggered, except the last one. I have tried a trigger to play when clicked, and a trigger to play when timeline starts, and neither fixes it. I have also re-uploaded the video.

It works fine in the preview; but not when viewing project in the .zip after publishing, or when uploaded to the LMS.

Kathy Anderson

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Richard Watson


If I am understanding correctly, you are saying the video on Slide 1.10 titled, Alpha halter gelding discussion.mp4 is not automatically playing when you click the "Click here to view a discussion of this class".   I tested this on SCORM Cloud LMS with Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The video plays as expected. I zipped the package after publishing locally, then extracted it onto my desktop. I attempted to play the video and it worked without any issues on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.