Video Wont play on mobile devices unless clicked on

May 19, 2014

Hi everyone, 

I am having an issues with videos not playing automatically. I have the slides set up to have the videos play automatically, but they are not. I tried setting triggers to play the video at the beginning of the timeline, but only some of those worked. The only way the makes the videos play every time is to have the video be clicked on. I tried viewing the storyline files on different mobile devices and they all have the same issue. I don't know if there are any ways around this. I would really like to continue using videos in storyline, but i don't know how to solve this issue. Please help. Thanks Everyone. 

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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Michael,

What I have observed is the first video does not play automatically, however others do. 

Articulate update 5 page ( has the following statement:

  • Fixed issue where a video wouldn't automatically play on the first slide in HTML5 output in mobile Safari

Is it for the same issue raised by Tou?


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