Vidyard API Integration with Storyline 2?

Mar 29, 2016

Hello All,

I'm looking for a method of integrating functions of the Vidyard JavaScript API.

My company uses them as the platform to host our online videos.

As such when we add them in they are added as web object embedded videos.

Seeing that Articulate could use JavaScript triggers I was hoping there was a way to integrate their API to have the event go out when the video finishes, so as to get around the issue with Web Objects not being usable for Media Completion triggers.

I've added a basic trigger calling the API to change a value when a video completes.

var video = new Vidyard.player("[Video ID Omitted for Security Purposes]");
var player = GetPlayer();
video.on("playerComplete", function() { player.SetVar("Step01", True ) });

And I've placed a downloaded copy of the API file into the story_content folder, and added a reference to it within the story.html file as suggested by the JavaScript best practices guide.

The Trigger still isn't working, does anyone have any idea if this is feasible, or if there might be another work around for a Media Completion Trigger?

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