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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hello Kelly, are you using the default Next/Previous buttons from the Player? Or are they custom ones?

If using the default storyline Previous/Next buttons then I would probably :
1) Use a True/False variable (say for example 'complete') to first check if the slide has finished and set it's initial value to false.

2) Then use a slide trigger to change the value of that variable 'complete' to true "when timeline completes".

3) Then edit the slide trigger 'Jump to Next Slide' by adding condition "if  variable 'complete' has value of 'true' "

I believe, this way you will achieve exactly what you need.

Alexandros Anoyatis


First of all I foolishly omitted a step in my previous solution. I usually do that when I've had too little coffee or too much (in this case the latter).

You also have to reset the variable when the timeline starts (I re-adjusted that in the slides where the variable was present - 1.1/3,1.7). 

Some observations if I may :

1. Since you are using the default navigation buttons to control the slides there is no easy way to hide the next button until the timeline completes (unless I am missing something). In this case I would probably try to either :

A. Show a notification that the slide is not finished yet just to make sure users won't get frustrated pressing next all the time (which they would every time) or,

B. Show a "Slide Complete" notification, at the end of the timeline (less work) so they know when to go forward to the next slide.

2. Some slides (like 1.4 & 1.5 for instance) don't have any triggers. You should correct those accordingly.

3. Many slides have a "Go to next slide when timeline ends" trigger. This is fine if you don't plan to use any audio files in your story, but if you do be aware that mobile safari will have problems playing those audio files unless users proceed to each slide manually.

Hope it helps,


Kelly Cleaver


This is all great!  It is a little more complicated than using Presenter (which is what I am use to) but I love some of the functions (like characters) that are in Storyline.

Many of the slides I sent you I hadn't done anything to, they are yet to come.  Now I have the first few slides with the added trigger they are functioning perfectly.  Plus I can just copy and paste the triggers to the next slide.

I also added the seek bar on the player so that users can see when the slide is complete.

I am starting to get the hang of this.