Viewing Articulate Presenter and Storyline 2 on iPad

Mar 04, 2015

Hello Articulate Community,

I am building a new course and using Storyline 2 to develop my interactive modules.  Today, I uploaded a module to Moodle, and it viewed beautifully on an iPad.  However, I am not able to get my Articulate Presenter modules in my existing courses to view correctly - they are always partially cut off.  From my experience, Moodle does not always put the correct score in our LMS gradebook when the SCORM is launched as a pop-up, although this is how I can get them to view correctly on an iPad. 

What are your suggestions for fixing my Presenter modules?  What about inserting my Engage and PowerPoint slides into the Storyline 2 framework and then uploading?

Thanks!  You guys rock!


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Dan Marsden

With the latest stable releases of Moodle I'm not aware of any specific issues related to grading and the use of the pop-up window. 

There is a display issue with the current version of Google Chrome which can be fixed using a workaround posted here until Chrome release a version with a fix:

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