Viewing module on ipad (no net, offline download)

Feb 23, 2015

Hi everyone, quick question..

We're setting up for an event and have created a short game for associates to play on an ipad to win prizes. We're not sure whether we have internet so I want to make sure the module can be viewed offline with no issues. 

Problem- ipad  doesn't recognize .exe file.  I downloaded the app and also published to CD  as another site has noted to do but I am obviously missing a step here as the ipad is telling me there isn't a program to play the files in. I also tried publishing to LMS and also Web just in case but nothing is working so far. 




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Jennifer Jakob

Thanks Michael!

Funny you should reply, I actually watched your presentation during the last Storyline training in Toronto.

I had read that this morning.. no matter what we will need internet connect to at least download the module? Is there no way to save the module to the ipad without hosting it on a server for later viewing offline?



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