Viewing multiple slides in a video but not all

Oct 25, 2012

I am editing a video that was imported as slides (because Storyline does not, yet, allow you to edit internal content of the video).  I have 80 some slides in this scene.  I would like to know if there is a way to preview slides 14 - 20 instead of always starting from the beginning, or viewing each slide individually.


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Lisa Struebing

Peter....the video was super helpful...very self explanatory...I don't think I would have an issue completing a feature request if that were the screen I was getting.  I tried to attach a screenshot of the window I see to this post.  I don't have the option to submit a request from your link when I click on it.

Peter Anderson

Hey Lisa, 

Thanks for the screenshot I'd say based on that, there's definitely some kind of security setting or firewall in place preventing you from filling out the form. Are you at a work computer with strict security, by any chance? Is that the screen you get from any browser? 

Regardless, I'm happy to go ahead and submit the request on your behalf, and the development team will hear your voice. Have a great weekend!

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