Viewing on android phone


Today is the first time I've ever used Storyline! I pretty quickly got to grips with the interface, and that all seems fine, but when I've published my file to LMS with compatability for HTML5 and ipad, the first thing I came to test it on (once uploaded as a SCORM course to Litmos) was an Android phone - it doesnt seem to work - namely because it doesn't scroll or have any functionality...

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm hoping its something simple I'm doing wrong!



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Helen Tyson

Hi Rachel,

Welcome to the world of Storyline!

However, Storyline content isn't officially support for Android devices at the moment, see here: although depending on the device it may work, but it seems from your post you've not struck lucky this time.

Maybe the more feature requests that go in the sooner it will be possible.


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Rachael, I can get the html version (swf version) to run on my android but it is not a great user experience. Have you tried changing the player settings to "Scale player to fit browser window" ?

This might help a bit though I find that displaying on the small screen is not a very good user exerience.