Viewing Storyline Courses from a Terminal Server

Sep 17, 2014

We use a quiz results slide at the end of our course to mark users complete in our LMS. We have used this for a number of courses with no issue. However, we recently had users start to take these courses via terminal servers, and are finding that they are not being marked complete in the LMS. Bookmarking is working fine, as are variables, however, when they reach the Quiz Results slide and then exit, the course remains in progress. If we then launch the course from a standard machine under the same account, it immediately marks complete.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evelyn,

Where did you place the course to be hosted? Also what browser are you using to view it within Citrix? I saw another post where Citrix was forcing IE11 to display in compatibility mode which was essentially making it play as IE7 - which isn't a supported browser for Storyline 360, and especially not for the HTML5 output. Let us know if that helps or if you're still running into difficulty a bit more about the hosting environment and what browsers/devices you're using to test it.

Deborah Barnes


With regards to this article can someone explain to me what it means exactly by 'not supported'.  I have run into problems with our e-learning course (created in SL2) acting funny on the learner's side - sometimes the courses run great and sometimes they stall or freeze.  Is this a symptom of running the course within a Citrix server?  If it is, is there anything we can do right now so that the courses will run flawlessly?  



Alyssa Gomez

Ah, okay! I personally don't have experience hosting published content on Sharepoint, so I invite our community to share their experiences here. Also, you'll want to keep these tips in mind:

  • You should be able to host Articulate content in SharePoint Server. However, it won't work with SharePoint Online (the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Edition), since it doesn't support HTML files.
  • If you're using SharePoint Server, check with your SharePoint administrator for instructions on how to upload HTML content. Depending on your version of SharePoint, you may need to switch to an "explorer view" before uploading content, or you may need to "check in" content after uploading. Your administrator will know for sure.
  • If you need to track learners' progress and results, publish your Articulate content for LMS (SCORM) and use SharePoint's free Learning Kit:
eric mongrain

We are having similar issues.  I am going to break down everything we have done.  We have used Storyline for about 3 years Prior to that we used studio. We have the program install locally for development. IE11 is are standard web browser.  Citrix is used in our field offices with a thin client computer.  We had Deltek/HRsmart as our LMs for the last 4 years and we did not have any issues with course completing.  We published our courses to SCORM 1.2.  Flash with backup html5

We launched SAP SuccessFactors LMS at the end of July.  We are now publishing all our courses to SCORM2004 4th edition.  Flash with backup html5.  We are finding that random people in our field offices have to take the course multiple times for it to record completion on a thin client in the Citrix interface.  I test all our courses before launch on a laptop using IE11 and the corporate internet.  then I test on two different thin clients that use the citrix interface and also on an iPad with no issues.  

So after reading the above post I did not see an answer to the main issue.  Does published courses in Storyline 360 not work correctly in the Citrix environment?  NOT DEVELOPMENT. 

Why all of a sudden would the courses not record completion for people.  Courses worked in previous LMS and on the SCORM cloud with no issue and Randomly works in SAP SuccessFactors.


thank you


Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Eric!

Just to clarify, yes, we would expect it to work when viewing the content.

I've seen issues with browser security previously as you can see here, but not a lot of conversation surrounding this in general.

Interesting that you are getting results that are not consistent within SuccessFactors alone and not in your previous LMS or SCORM Cloud?

Is there a common factor among those running into an issue? Operating System and/or browser perhaps?

Have you reached out to SuccessFactors for any tips/tricks to success within Citrix?

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