Second Quiz attempt not Tracking

Hi there, 

I am having trouble with all of my quiz courses on our LMS currently. 

Users are able to take the course and complete the quiz. If they fail first time round, this failed attempt is reported on the LMS, however when they then re open the course and take the quiz again and pass it, their second/third attempts are not being recorded. I have raised this with my LMS provider, however they are certain it is an issue with my courses and the publishing settings I am using. 

Do you have any idea what could be causing this? I have attached the storyline file for your reference. 



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Susi B

Hi Jasmyn,

you set your questions to 1 try, this may be the problem. :) Try to use unlimited or whatever number you want them to try as a maximum and test it in your LMS. 1 try really means 1 try, it does not reset with the course start. You could only reset this when you delete the already done try in your LMS I think.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jasmyn!

Looks like you are asking the user to close out of the course, then re-take. That would be an LMS setting as course completion has already been set:

Articulate Storyline communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement. See this article for more information.

If you wish for the user to retry the quiz while still active in the course, I would encourage you to enable the retry option on the results slide options.