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I'm unable to view any of the tutorial courses as my company has blocked your content as a "Web_App" and blocks the videos. Is there anyother way of viewing them, i.e. a DVD, via YouTube or even could they be posted on a Facebook page / group somewhere. My company wont grant me an exemption to view these types of files, even though I'm trying to view them for work? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor and welcome to Heroes! 

I don't know of any other ways in which they could be distributed as there are so many of them, but you may be able to find some Storyline tutorials on YouTube as I know a lot of other users post their ideas there. Also, you may want to look at Screenr where users create tutorials and see if you can play them from there. 

We do have a Facebook page and Twitter account - but I'm not certain what videos are posted there, so if there is something specific you needed, let us know and we can try to find another way to share it with you. 

Trevor Madley-West

Hi all, thanks for making us feel so welcome, in their wisdom it is that my companies internet security people have blocked. So I'll have to stick to Facebook / Twitter and YouTube etc. for help. Ironically they have paid extra for additional support? Looks like I'll also be a regular on the forums now as well, apologies in advance for all the silly questions I'm likely to be posting..  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor,

Try this link - looks like Becky's hyperlink picked up my name as well:

It's likely to large to load up the pdf here in the forums - but if you're unable to access that link, let me know and I'll figure out another way to get it to you. 

If your company has paid for the Platinum plan described here, you can also connect with our support team through live chat...granted, they might try to send you a screenr video, so let them know up front you can't get to those.

Also, love the update to your avatar. You're not alone in your newbie status though, so embrace it and the faster you'll learn!