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Jan 04, 2017

Hi there,

Looking to embed a Vimeo Web Object into a published version of storyline 2, to then be uploaded into a LMS. 

The over all purpose of this task is to :

1. Track the video plays and likes within Vimeo,

2.  Ensure learners are within the self contained storyline browser tab. I do not wish to send them to another tab.


Unfortunately, I am unsure what is the correct method to take...Could you suggest the correct embed code? Do I need to add or edit the embed code in order to get this result?

Is it even possible to track user click in vimeo while accessing it within a published SCROM?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

I haven't ever tested or seen anyone mention the Vimeo tracking working while embedded in a Storyline course, but if it's in there as a Web object I think it would still be able to pick up those elements.  Vimeo may have additional parameters that you can add to the embed code to help with tracking, as I know Youtube has some about playback that are here so hopefully if others in the community have used similar they're able to share with you here. 

Lisa Shingles

Here is a post from a forum that describes my exact issue:

"I've come across from YouTube to have video clips in Vimeo as a simple embed process with an LMS (Articulate Presenter) and Youtube simple embeding via Web Object works fine but cannot find this for Vimeo. Standard vimeo embed code (old and new) does not work it seems as I need a URL, not object code.

So this works with Yourtube:

What's the equivelant sample for vimeo with this video clip in my Vimeo Pro section:

Hope someone can help otherwise reluctantly will need to go back to Youtube after paying an annual sub for Vimeo!

Referenced at

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

As I've seen other users do in the past, they've just been able to utilize the Vimeo embed code. You can see this discussion with a few of our community members talking about the different options and the way the code looks.  If you're still having difficulty can you share a link to the Vimeo you're trying to use?

Lisa Shingles

Legend!! -Matt Darga has answered my question in a previous post- 

Matt Darga
2 years ago11/25/14 at 1:18 am (AEDT)
I know this thread has not been visited for a few months but for future troubleshooters. To post Vimeo to a web object copy the embed code that Vimeo gives you and simply delete everything but the actual player link (in bold).

<iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Then add a https:// in front of it and you have the proper link. Take note that Articulate does not automatically add the 's' in 'https' so you will have to add it yourself.

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