Visited State: Change mouse pointer?

Jul 02, 2012

In my project, I have a text box (beginning state is Disabled) and at the bottom of that box is a button. The user clicks on the button to review material about that subject. When they return to the main menu, the text box has changed to the Visited state which shows a large checkmark over the text, indicating they have looked at the content. Because the Visited state is not disabled, if you hover over it the mouse pointer changes to the pointer finger. It's not linked to anything, so it functions just fine. The button at the bottom of the text area is still clickable, which is also fine.

My question is, is there a way to make the Visited state not change mouse pointers? Or to create a custom state that does not change mouse pointers? I tried it, but since I cannot find any sort of setting to disable the pointer activity, it seems to change for any state other than the built-in Disabled state.


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Steve Flowers

Hi, Tracy - 

The only way I can think of to do this is by adding a hotspot as a magic overlay with the option to Show Hand Cursor deselected from the context menu. Since hotspots don't have states + can't be shown / hidden with a trigger, you'd need to add these to a layer to overlay your menu. Kind of a pain but this appears to be the only option at the moment.

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