Visual completion of scenarios

Jan 16, 2013

Hi there, I have about 6 different short scenarios written up. I plan on using a visual indicator for each scenario, and then I would like to learner to return back to the main scenario screen. Basically, I require two things:

1 - Some kind of shading, or check mark, which visually demonstrates their progress through the scenarios.

2 - Forced completion of the scenarios, before completing the course.

I'm sure there are instructions on the site, although I'm not able to find them. Can anyone help?

Thank you kindly

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Peter Anderson

Hey Erin!

Here's how to use variables, triggers, and states to track which slides a user has viewed and provide a visual indicator:

And you can prevent users from advancing too quickly by disabling the built-in Next button until they've met certain conditions, such as clicking all the buttons on the slide or listening to all the narration. Another option is to remove the built-in Next button and create your own custom button for navigation. Or, you can restrict navigation for your entire course by making a simple change to your player settings. 

Please review the following article for more information on each of these methods:

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