Ways to Calculate Course Completion

Jul 05, 2017

I have a rather complicated course with 4 software scenarios. A user must pass 2 of the scenarios with 100% score to complete (pass) the course.

I have a summary results slide which gathers the results from each of the scenario result slides, and I have set it to 50% pass score. 

The problem with this method is that if a person were to get 25% on each of the 4 scenarios, it would still count as passing. 

Is there a way to have completion be based on completing 2 of the 4 scenarios rather than a total percentage? Or completion based on a variable?


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Amber Starfire

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply. I'm new to JavaScript, so let me see if I understand correctly.

Here's how the course works now: When a user passes 2 of the 4 scenarios, they are taken to the summary results slide, which presents the Success layer. (If they fail 3 of the 4, they are also taken to the summary results slide which presents a Fail layer.)

At that point, they can choose to Exit, or start the game/course over.

Can I use the Exit button to trigger the above Javascript? Or do I need to create a separate slide that storyline would navigate to, trigger the Javascript, and then exit.

I should point out that users would rarely view all slides during the course -- only if they failed the first 2 scenarios and then went through the 2nd pair. Most will likely do 2 or 3 out of the 4 scenarios.

So what should I use for tracking when I publish?

Thank you.

Amber Starfire

Okay, so I revised it to track the module as complete after viewing 50 slides (which would be the minimum number viewed to pass the first 2 scenarios), instead of using the score percentage.

Then I changed the triggers to use variables to display the winner/loser layers on the final slide.

From each of those layers, the EXIT button triggers the above javascript, with the winner slide passing along a score of 100 and "passed" and the loser slide/exit button passing along a score of 0 and "failed."

So now, at least when a person successfully completes the course, the LMS is showing the course as complete with a 100% score. However, the LMS is also showing the course as complete, even when failed. In other words, I assume Storyline is overriding the "passed/failed" status because of the number of slides viewed.

Is there any way to force the passed/failed status instead of complete?

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