Hidden "Slides", hidden layers/states, and triggers

Mar 07, 2017

I'm new to Storyline.  I'm trying to create a scenario based course that allows the learner to complete scenarios in the order they choose.  When they complete a scenario and "quiz" I'd like the original landing page to grey out that scenario and upon completion of all scenarios automatically take the learner to the final completion page.  I have no clue how to do this!  (See slide 1.1)

Also, upon selecting the incorrect response to a quiz question, I'd like a hidden "Ask the Expert" slide to appear and then go away when they click something, next perhaps... (see slides 1.7 and 1.8).  I'm also thinking of having this "Ask the expert" info as a roll over option on the quiz slide.  Can this be done?

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Dave Cox

Hi Michelle,

Sure, you can do these things.

To make your navigation work correct, I would first move your slides in each section to a scene of their own. When you make a selection for a topic, you then jump to the slides in the scene for that topic. When you complete the topic, you then return control back to the first slide.

Next you are going to need some variables to keep track of which scene has been visited. I added three variable for your 3 branches. 

Now that we have variable, we need to change the state of each variable when each scene if visited. I added the trigger to the first slide of each scene.

Last, we need a way to show which scenes have been visited, and disable that click. There are several ways to do this, but for what you have set up, I think the easiest is to just add another layer over your hotspot that will partially gray out the area, and block the hotspot. I added three layers that will do this. These three layers are set to initially be hidden, but they will display when the corresponding variable becomes true.

Take a look at what I did, and see if you can make that work for you.

Dave Cox

Hi Michelle,

When I created the shape, I went into the states tab, and set the initial state to hidden.

On one of the slides in the scenario, I set the variable for that scene to true, to show that the scenario had been visited. 

Then the trigger on the first slide sets the state of the shape to visible, with a condition of when the variable is true. There are three of these triggers, one for each scenario, and they all run when the timline starts. 

Michelle Anderson

Dave - thank you for all your help.  I do have one additional question.  I can't figure out how to make the course automatically jump to the conclusion slide once all scenarios have been completed.  I made it it's own separate scene and tried adding conditions to the select a scenario (1.1) slide but I'm obviously doing something wrong. 

Dave Cox

Hi Michelle,

I'm glad I could help.

Try this: Have all of your scenes jump back to slide 1 as before. On slide one, add an additional trigger that runs when the timeline starts to jump to your completion slide. Add a condition for each variable, set to combine with and where all three variable must be true for the condition to be met. 

Add the second and third contions using AND like below.

Capture 1

Then setup your trigger to look for the variable value equal to true.

Trigger Condition

This way you will jump to the completions slide when this slide is reached, but only when all three of the other scenes are completed.

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