Volume control in player - keep settings from course to course?

Jun 26, 2019

I'm editing Storyline files for a client (I'm using 360). These are files I didn't create. Each of the files displays the Volume control in the player. The client has noted that when a learner takes one course and uses this Volume control to raise the volume, that setting is not retained when they move on to the next course. Is there any way a setting like this, that a learner sets in a course, can be be retained in another course played on the same system? I'm not familiar enough with the communication between Storyline and other systems to know if this is possible, or is in the realm of magical thinking.

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Noel Read

Hi, as far as I know, separate modules can not have a volume setting transferred between them. Each module is a separate story. If the volume is too low for users generally, then a change could be made to each story to raise the standard volume, but that would take a bit of time and probably involve editing each audio file to raise the volume.

The user in question could just raise the volume on the computer - which works independently from the storyline audio player. This would increase the volume for all course that they do.

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