Want to distinguish essay survey questions on LMS report

Nov 10, 2023

I managed to use Essay Survey Questions in Storyline to capture my learners' text input and was successful in getting the answers reported to my LMS using the Results Slide. I tested this process with 2 sample essay questions and was able to get 2 answers back in my LMS report.

However, on my LMS report, I was not able to distinguish the two questions as they are both named 'Essay' under 'Question Name'. I double checked my Storyline file and the trigger is always 'Submit Essay' even though I have renamed the question slides as 'Q1' and 'Q2'. 

Does anyone know a way to set up this in Storyline and distinguish the essay survey questions in LMS reporting?

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Nedim Ramic

The LMS should report "cmi.interaction.n.description" (the question text you entered in the form view). It looks like your LMS is picking up a part of cmi.interaction.id. (something like "Scene1_Slide5_Essay_0_0,") under "Question Name". To make sure "Q1" or "Q2" is visible in your report, enter "Q1" in the question box in the form view and move it away from the slide area. Type your actual question in a new text box. 


When published to LMS, the "Q1" will be reported instead of actual question under "cmi.interaction.n.description". 

A far as of the trigger is always 'Submit Essay' part, I don't think you can change that as this is the Storyline default value.