Ways to develop a user guide

Sep 08, 2013

Hi, are there additional options when exporting the material into a Word document?

We are looking to produce user guides with the training we are currently building. What I can see would be beneficial at this time is publishing it in Word and then adding text into it. But I would like to hear what others have done to produce a user guide?!!

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Rebecca Flores

I haven't created a user's guide but that's a good idear for complext e-learning courses. But I have created pdf handouts that have most of the slides and the voice over narration. I include them as an attachment in Articulate Presenter published e-learning courses. The students can print them and use them to take notes duirng the course. I include areas on the pages for the students to take notes. It also gives the student a "take-away" they can refer back to after the course.

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