Web Object Crashing

Jan 24, 2020

I am trying to replace the grey Web Object box on a slide so that when someone clicks on an image it will launch the web object in a new browser. I had read somewhere that to get rid of the grey web object box, just right click it and switch out the picture. Every time I try to do that I get a Storyline Error Report crash message. Am I doing this wrong? If so, how should I replace the grey web object box with an image?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Whitney

I'm seeing the same thing in SL360 v3.35.21017.0 (I rolled back from latest version because of another bug) - not sure which version of SL you are running.

I removed the web object and added an image from the website that has a trigger to jump to the URL when timeline reaches 1.5secs.

Here is a very rough sample 

Whitney Lowe

Still haven't found a good way to link to the embedded video (which I want to launch in a separate browser window). I can link to the video URL, but then it shows all the vimeo content on that page. I would rather embed the video on a new browser tab. It works in the project to just click on the grey web object box, but is there any way to set a trigger of a different image to launch a web object (embedded video)?

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