Web Object not working - Help!

Can you assist please?

I have inserted a Web Object that points to a PDF on our Intranet.  Can preview file fine when viewing in Web Object Tool.  Display settings are Load : when clicked, Show in new browser window, No browser controls, size is default.

Running IE8, tried also holding down the CTRL key when clicking the web object but this doesn't help either!

Thanks, Leonie

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Leonie Coupar

Hi, These are the tests I have performed:

Tried in two different browsers: IE & Firefox.

- Hyperlink and Web Object work fine when publishing as an exe. 

- These do not work when published as a html, stored on a share drive.  They will work when on my local hard drive though. 

 It hasn't even been put on our intranet so it doesn't make sense that it doesn't work in those circumstances.

Any ideas