Web Object Videos and Accessibility

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Are web objects in Storyline 508 compliant?   

I've embedded a YouTube video into a Storyline project using the Web Object approach.  However, when viewing the finished project in a web browser, using the tab key to tab between elements on the page never brings focus to the video player.  

Is there a way to include the video player when tabbing?  Or is there another approach to making the video accessible to users with disabilities?

Thanks for any input!

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Mike Fox

Still waiting for an answer on this.  Would be great to have one of the gurus here give me a quick shout out as to whether importing videos as web objects is 508 compliant or not.

Basically need to know if there's a way I haven't yet found for a person with disabilities to tab into the video player to access the video controls, or not.

Thank you.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike,

I don't believe tabbing will allow you to access elements within the web object, as the Storyline's tab functionality is looking for the elements of Storyline. There is more information on how Storyline is compliant with  508 guidelines, and with a lot of elements it's also about what the course author chooses to include and how that is set up. Additionally I found this thread about videos and section 508 compliance an interesting read and you may want to reach out there as well.