Web Objects and Buttons


I am trying to publish a web object that has a button on it for a reminder of some remedial information.  Everything seems to work fine in Articulate Review, however when I load to our LMS, the button is only visible when the mouse hovers off the screen.  As soon as I hover back on the web object the button disappears.   I have tried layers, lightboxes, slides etc.  Nothing seems to work.  Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Derek.  Is the button a part of the web object content, or is it a Storyline item that you layered on the web object?

Also, to which format are you publishing?

  • If Storyline 2, did you include HTML5 output?
  • If Storyline 3 or 360, did you choose HTML5 only, HTML5/Flash fallback, etc?

Thanks for the info!