Web objects and freeform interaction issues

Nov 08, 2012


I'm having problems with the correct and incorrect pop-up layers from storyline showing in my project when an web object occupies the same area where this layer should display. This issues are happening in all browsers Mac and Pc with the exception of Safari in Windows. Only if the pop-up layers are part of an interaction and NOT layers on their own.

Same happens if the Web object is on top of the seekbar, again, all browser BUT not on Safari for Win.

Same issues if the web object is on top or below a hotspot. AGAIN, only in all browser but Safari for Win.

Any idea why is this happening and how it can be solved?

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Peter Anderson

Thanks for the screenshot, Francisco. Currently, some player elements will actually appear behind web objects. This also affects videos inserted from websites (such as Screenr, Vimeo, Google Videos, etc) and imported Engage interactions, since these are also treated as web objects. This is a known issue. And unfortunately, there's currently no workaround. When additional information becomes available, I'll update the thread. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Francisco Carreon

Ok, I did speak to soon. The content is uploaded to a server, the web object displays when the content is on the server when opening the .html and .html 5 versions.

The web object dont display when viewing the content locally using the .html file but they display when using the .html5.

The original issue that started this thread still a problem. Pop-up messages display behind the web object when opening the .html file.

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