Web Publish - really needs 48 separate files?

Aug 06, 2013

Just testing the web publish option to allow me to put some system demonstrations on our intranet.  However the published output includes multiple files across multiple folders.  Presumably I have to upload every single one, in the same hierarchy, for the demonstration to work?

This is a pain since our intranet CMS is so archaic it only allows uploading one file at a time and does not support folders.

And it's perplexing compared to Captivate that wraps the entire demonstration into a single SWF that I can upload and point to easily.

No way available/recommended to publish to web in a single file?

[Note found 1 article that talked of right-clicking on content and choosing to export as video.  But did not appear to work for me.  And in any case not so keen on video since lose the ability to engage user].

Using Storyline Update 3.

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Steve.

I wanted to chime in and confirm that Storyline does not support publishing to a single SWF file.  There could be several reasons for this, but probably the biggest reason is that an SWF would not be capable of the two-way communication that is needed when hosting SCORM content in a Learning Management System.

Here are two threads where some folks have discussed this scenario at length and tossed around some alternative options.

Good luck with your project!

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