Weird glitch with hover state?

Apr 12, 2019

I have an object set to spin upon hover. However, it spins when the mouse is moved (even if the mouse cursor is nowhere near the object). It also spins if I get near the object's right side (not on the object, but about 1/4 inch from it), but not left. It won't spin at all if I approach the object from the left. 



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Jeni Johnson


When I have them ungrouped they don't follow the entrance zoom animation. Any suggestions for making that work? I had everything on the layer grouped so it would all animate and zoom in together. When I had the icon by itself it stayed on the page when everything else moved. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Jeni,

If you select the cross icon and then ungroup, everything except the cross remains in the group and the other items zoom in at the start as before. In the attached version 2, I have also delayed the appearance of the cross icon by half a second so that the zoom has already commenced before it appears.

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